• DELMIA Quintiq


    DELMIA Quintiq provides companies with solutions to model, plan and optimize their business operations from end to end.
    The solutions are used to plan and optimize complex production value networks, optimize intricate logistics operations, and plan and schedule large, geographically diverse workforces.
    Key capabilities include predictive and prescriptive data analytics, forecasting, what-if scenario planning, collaborative decision-making, disruption handling and production scheduling.

    Supply Chain Planning

    DELMIA Quintiq Supply Chain Planning enables you to plan and optimize your supply chain from end to end, giving you the level of control and insight needed to transform supply chain planning from a cost center to a revenue generator.

    Sales & Operations Planning

    DELMIA Quintiq Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) draws data from every aspect of your business – sales, marketing, finance and operations – to give you insights for optimal decision-making throughout your entire value chain.

    Logistics Planning

    DELMIA Quintiq Logistics Planning, powered by a world record-breaking optimizer, helps you make profitable decisions at every stage from first to last mile to improve delivery performance at minimal cost.

    Workforce Scheduling

    DELMIA Quintiq Workforce Scheduling integrates planning and scheduling processes in a single solution for full visibility and complete control over your entire workforce – from long-range capacity planning to daily task scheduling.

    Production Planning

    DELMIA Quintiq Production Planning shifts the focus from reducing costs to creating value with planning tools and techniques that produce the highest possible throughput with the lowest possible inventory, while ensuring high quality and delivery performance.

    Advanced Analytics

    DELMIA Quintiq Advanced Analytics calculates large volumes of data to help you not only understand the interactions between your assets, network and customers, but to identify patterns, predictions and recommendations to ensure that every business decision you make is a good one.

    DELMIA Quintiq Platform

    DELMIA Quintiq Platform optimizes not just every link, but your entire supply chain. Gain agility, mobility and intelligence through this user-centric platform to generate plans that truly work in the real world.

    Optimized Planning

    DELMIA Quintiq Optimized Planning applies award-winning optimization technology on a business model configured to fit your operations 100% to optimize and create value in complex processes throughout your entire supply chain.

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